Saturday, July 4, 2009

My new favourite thing

Anyone who knows me well knows that I much prefer home-baked biscuits and cakes to store-bought versions.

But I've lately discovered a sweet little biscuit that I'm quite partial to - and it's not home-made! It is petit ecolier, little chocolate-topped biscuits from France with a gorgeously intricate picture of a little schoolboy imprinted into the chocolate layer. The biscuit base is similar to a shortbread and the topping is either milk or dark chocolate.

These biscuits are perfect entertaining biscuits when there really is no time to bake something. We've been serving them at our French classes and they are the first thing to disappear from the plate. The crisp shortbread and good-quality chocolate combine together in the most pleasing way. It really is very hard to stop at one!


Lisa Michelle said...

I also LOVE those cookies. I find myself trying to peel off the chocolate to eat separately in conjunction with cookie, kind of like a one sided oreo :)

Anonymous said...

I was having my once-a-year Tim Tam craving a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted one, so couldn't justify buying a packet. My moaning about my desire for a chocolate biscuit wore my partner down and he came home with a packet of these.


Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

These seems to always be on special at my local coles, and hence they make their way into my basket!

Melinda said...

Hi Lisa Michelle - sounds like an interesting way to eat these biscuits! I might have to try it.

What a lovely gesture by your partner Injera. I like Tim Tams too but I think these are better.

Maria - I'm so jealous they are always on special at your Coles. They never seem to be on special at my Coles but I buy them anyway!

Heather @ what's blooming this week said...

There's a box in my "larder" every week. NOBODY is allowed to take one - I count them to make sure. Only after very good behaviour is my husband allowed to have one. You know, the grass is cut, the garbage is out, the dishes are done and there's been a foot massage (or more).

Anonymous said...

i used to love them as a child. my aunt who used to be a stewardess will always brought back plenty of LU biscuits back from France. Seeing them at Coles, I was pretty excited.
I agree, these are good biscuits to train bfs and hubbys for good behaviour. then again, i so much macarons lately, I have not bought tim tams and these for a while.